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Theatre Longview



Smoke on the Mountain Homecoming


by Alan Bailey, Mike Craver, & Connie Ray 


Directed by Sharon Cooley

Musical Direction by Barbara McClellan


Sharon Cooley


















Sharon has been involved with theatre since her high school years (a long, long time ago).  She is a past board member for Theatre Longview and has helped to raise funds, build and paint sets, and to gather set dressing pieces, furniture, and props.  She is very good about volunteering her husband Mike’s free time (and loves him dearly for allowing her to get away with it).  She is pleased to be

co-directing with Barbara McClellan.  The last time they worked together on a production they were both on-stage in Agatha Christie’s “The Hollow”.  When not at work or involved with theatre, Sharon enjoys reading, playing golf, attending theatrical productions,

working in her stained glass shop, and travelling with her husband. 


Barbara McClellan

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